About This Site

            If you are devoted to worshipping the Lord, then undoubtedly there have been times when you were away from home and have made the effort to find Christians in other areas.
Finding them is not always easy.

            Since 1989, I've made a living driving a truck over-the-road and dispatching trucks and directing them to numerous destinations. So Nicki, Abbie and I are delayed in traffic and had to go to a "plan B" worship strategy one Sunday evening. So here I am, a pro, right?... armed with years of experience, a Guardian of Truth directory, a Rand-McNally atlas, a cell phone and guess what....?

Finding them was still not easy.

            But eventually we managed to find that carefully hidden building and, once we got right next to that old faded sign, we could see that we had a good 10 minutes of sermon left. It was a good invitation and we probably should have responded and asked for the prayers of the congregation since my Beloved and I just spent the last 90 minutes growling and snarling at each other in total frustration as we drove all over town looking for any kind of help in finding this local church.

           While driving the rest of the way home, I remembered hearing many similar stories from many preachers who spent the entire evening before a gospel meeting, not in prayer and study, but just trying to find out where the church was assembling the next morning. How many times have others asked you, "Do you know of a church in or near........?"

            Now a detailed printed directory would be impossible and unaffordable to produce and purchase. But if the entire Yellow Pages can be put on the Internet, why not a yellow-page-like directory that has all the necessary info needed to find a congregation? How about a one-stop resource to find a congregation's address, e-mail contact, phone, times of worship?... "Say, as long as you're dreaming, how about a picture of the building, directions, and a map and, oh yeah, don't forget a link to their website."

Thomas Lahman